The Joy Diet with Sauce: Ten ways to taste delight

Amy and Anna

For 10 days, sample delight with us:

Day 1: Nothing

Day 2: Truth

Day 3: Desire

Day 4: Creativity

Day 5: Risk

Day 6: Treats

Day 7: Play

Day 8: Laughter

Day 9: Connection

Day 10: Feasting

And on Day 11, August 26th, hop on the phone with us and hear about our two favorite Joy Diet practices:
Risk + Feasting

Want more joy, more juice, and more laughter in your life?

We’ll share how we keep life savory and succulent–
even when our kids are sick,
the crazy bus is in town,
and our to-do lists are overwhelming.

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Want more?

Join us for the free call and learn about the eight-week telecourse we’re teaching based on Dr. Martha Beck’s book The Joy Diet!

We will dive into Martha’s brilliant book The Joy Diet, suck the juicy marrow out of it, and quite possibly—don’t say we didn’t warn you—make videos of ourselves dancing. Irrepressibly.

Our whole goal, if you take this eight-week journey with us, is that you too will find yourself bursting into impromptu celebration dances as you begin savoring your own toothsome, delectable, piquant life. If you ever feel like you’re looking at life’s banquet but you’re still hungry, we want to invite you to the party. The table is set! The music is playing! Come on DOWN!

Because of the day-by-day nature of The Joy Diet practices, we will also be hosting a private (secret) group on Facebook for support, momentum, and general hilarity between calls.

We take our joy very seriously—and no one is a smarter, funnier teacher than Martha. Let us guide you through this veritable feast: Martha’s brilliant diet, plus our spicy sauce. We bet you’ll walk away with your own authentic recipe for joy, laughter, and killer dance moves.

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Who are Amy & Anna?

We’re good friends who hang out all the time in Portland, OR, where we both live– but we’re also Martha Beck Certified Master Coaches.

Amy Pearson is a Master Certified Life Coach, coach mentor, and instructor for Martha Beck’s life coach training. She is a teacher, writer and speaker. A former approval addict (with the occasional relapse), Amy is now addicted to success. Her mission is nothing short of world peace by empowering every woman on a mission to attract their ideal clients (tribe), make great money, and have an epic impact while doing their unique work in the world.

Anna Kunnecke is a Martha Beck Master Coach, a renegade alchemist, and a heathen mystic. She helps women make their lives beautiful with the Queen Sweep coaching program, where they set big shifts in motion by cleaning up their tangles. She also teaches smart, skeptical women to embrace their inner magical warriors in her Practical Magic for Secret Mystics course. She calls the work her clients do Personal Alchemy, because you always have the power to turn your dross to gold.


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